ReturningHome.jpgReturn home only after emergency officials indicate that it is safe. When returning home:

  • Stay out of flooded areas for health and safety reasons. Water may be contaminated and could cause illness. 

  • Do not bypass barricades on roads. They are there to ensure your safety.

  • Enter your home only if it is safe. Be careful of hidden damage, especially in flooring and utilities located below the line left by floodwater.

As soon as reasonably possible, report damages to local officials. This will help local officials in securing disaster relief funding that will help you and others with the recovery process. The reporting form and contact information will be available on this website, or by contacting Yuba County Emergency Services for assistance.

After assessing your damages, you may need to hire a contractor to make repairs. Trust your home repairs only to a certified, licensed contractor. Disaster victims are especially vulnerable to scams. To ensure your contractor is licensed, contact the California State Licensing Board Hotline for Disaster Victims at 1-800-962-1125, or visit for more information.

To learn how to begin repairs, download a copy of the American Red Cross Guide: Repairing Your Flooded Home.