Research shows that being aware of your flood risk increases your odds of surviving a flood emergency. Your flood risk is primarily determined by your location. Use the map below to learn the potential sources of flooding for your property. 

Real-time information regarding current water levels can be found on our During page.

Generally speaking, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the State of California Department of Water Resources are the two primary agencies responsible for determining flood risk in Yuba County.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently updated its Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Yuba County. These maps designate low, moderate and high-risk flood zones for purposes of rating flood insurance premiums under the National Flood Insurance Program. Click here to view the latest FEMA maps for the County.

The State of California has several programs to identify flood risk, especially in California’s Central Valley. One of these programs, the Flood Risk Notification Program, uses Levee Flood Protection Zones to determine which properties are exposed to potential flooding from State-federal project levees (levees built by the US Army Corps of Engineers, owned by the state, and maintained by the state or local reclamation districts). Visit the Flood Risk Notification Program website and enter your address to identify your potential flooding sources and depths.

You can also view a map of levees in your area using Adobe (Acrobat) Reader.