Photograph showing the Yuba County Mobile Incident Command vehicle.The Yuba County Office of Emergency Services (OES) coordinates all emergency management between public safety and service providers. OES operates in four primary areas: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation. To help prepare the County and other organizations for emergency response, OES provides planning and training services.

During an emergency, the County uses the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS) to ensure close coordination between police, fire, military personnel, medical service providers, FEMA, and other organizations that provide services to residents. A command post called an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated to provide a unified headquarters for all emergency personnel. 

The County’s primary EOC is headquartered at the Yuba County Government Center. The EOC can be sized to deal with small or large-scale emergencies.


Mobile Command

The County also has a Mobile Incident Command Vehicle that can act as an on-the-go command post, emergency dispatch center, and secondary Emergency Operations Center, as needed. The mobile command unit was purchased using grant funds from US Homeland Security.

The Mobile Incident Command Vehicle is equipped with state of the art technology, including a satellite system to support internet, television, and satellite telephone services. It also features a device that allows radios on different frequencies to be able to communicate with one another during an incident, when other lines of communication have failed.